Celebrating ‘true partnerships’ with
Calabria’s Bélena range

The Bélena range celebrates the true partnership between Bill & Lena Calabria – the second generation of the Calabria Family Wines business. Bill + Lena = Bélena.

Bill & Lena have an enviable relationship – both in business and in life. Married in 1974, the two have worked hand in hand to see the Calabria family business thrive, even during challenging times. The new range is a tribute to their enduring connection, crafted for wine lovers to share with their own ‘true partners’ over a delicious meal or casual get together.

To enhance the stunningly ‘Instagrammable’ nature of the bottle, and convey Bill and Lena’s story, Blend Public Relations developed the idea to launch a social and consumer campaign that centred around bespoke, customised labels to help wine drinkers toast their own ‘true partners’, Bélena-style.

Customers who purchased two bottles of Bélena in store were invited to produce their own custom labels via the Calabria website. They would receive these labels in the mail to place on their own bottles to enjoy with their wine bestie or gift to a loved one.

To launch the campaign, we printed custom labels for loved up social creators and influencers to celebrate their own true partnership. The result – hundreds of thousands of social media eyeballs and commenters asking where they can get their very own custom labels. The campaign is now a permanent staple of the new range, with added on-shelf marketing and paid campaign support to spread the word, in addition to features in Halliday Magazine, Who Magazine, Drinks Trade, Drinks Digest and Woman’s Day Magazine.

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