Pisco Aperitivo

Pisco, the spirit of Peru, is the grape-based spirit normally shaken into a delicious sour or a refreshing chilcano, but Pisco is an incredibly versatile spirit, suitable for any number of aromatic cocktails.

This was the inspiration for PROMPERÚ, the Commission for the Promotion of Peruvian Exports and Tourism, to engage Blend Public Relations and encourage Australian and New Zealand bartenders to mix up a fresh batch of Pisco-based cocktails in a new competition – Pisco Aperitivo.

Aperitivo formed the basis of our competition theme as the cultural drinks phenomenon is packed with a huge array of cocktails to enjoy. From sgroppinos to spritzes, negronis to americanos, PROMPERÚ sought a new wave of creative cocktails showcasing the versatility and unique flavours of Pisco through this exciting cocktail competition.

"The calibre of entries was seriously high this year. So many unexpected interpretations of what makes a good Aperitivo-style drink, it was a huge effort for us to select the finalists and ultimately the winners. In the end, the cocktails that put Pisco front and centre while surprising us with interesting and complex flavour combinations shone through.”

Blend Public Relations was charged with promoting the competition and recruiting bartenders from across Australia and New Zealand to enter. We called upon respected drinks journalist and P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants proprietor Mike Bennie and Continental Bar & Deli Co-Founder Michael Nicolian to act as judges for this special event. And we hosted an intensive cocktail judging session featuring 12 finalists. Two winners from each nation prevailed, receiving a cash prize and Pisco to stock and serve in their bars.

The campaign inspired a slew of creative cocktails, in addition to fantastic Pisco-based features in Good Food, Thrillist, Urban List Sydney, The Shout, Bars & Clubs, and Drinks Trade.

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